Atelier Fleurbain

a workshop crafting beautiful, ecological products full of nature's healing benefits

Ever reuse or recycle a lip balm container?

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$1.00 from each order is donated to organizations cleaning our land and oceans of plastic debris or protecting our bee populations

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Tammy Schmidt

Hi!  I'm an herbalist and health coach.  Atelier Fleurbain is my workshop or herboristerie.  I have always been a nature lover and for many years (do I have to say how many??) I have been fascinated by plants as our health allies.  Way back then, I was surprised to find out that plants are not only pretty but contain phytochemicals that are well studied and used by 80% of the world's population as medicine. How did I not know that?  Since then I have studied, experimented with and used plants as my health allies.  Throughout my teens and even adulthood, I have struggled with skin issues and I find plants, including the ones we eat as food, are brilliant when they are put to good use in skin care.  It is my joy to craft skin care products for you and to share recipes and ideas you can do on your own.


I love Tammy's All Organic Skin Serum. Regular use of it balanced out dry spots on my skin and even minimised the size of my pores. The serum was also perfect for my busy life in London, as I applied it once in the morning and felt that my skin was hydrated and protected from the effects of pollution all day. I would really recommend the serum, especially to city dwellers! 

Sarka - London

Just used your sugar body scrub for the first time and I cannot keep my hands off myself! It is absolutely glorious. And the subtle scent is so yummy. Va va voom!

Jenny - Winnipeg

From her Argan oil to Bee Lippy lip balm, I find Tamara's products some of the most easy to use, the most gentle on my sensitive skin and certainly the most nourishing facial care on the market. The artisanal quality and food-grade ingredients are also inkeeping with the values I have about sustainable products that are healthy for skin but also for our environment. I am so happy to have found her products and look forward to her expanding line.

Deborah - Montreal

I just bought the serum. It is silky, comfortable, and smells heavenly. I'm hooked. Thanks Tammy

Robin - Montreal

Having used Tammy’s St. Catherine Face Cream for several years, I can say my 60+ year old skin loves this cream. It’s as light as an angel’s kiss, as smooth as a lover’s lie, and as fresh as morning dew. My skin absorbs the cream completely, leaving no residue on clothes or pillows. Twice daily applications keep my skin moisturized and happy. And Tammy’s reasonable prices are easy on my wallet, too. 

Catherine - Montreal

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